Anatomy Physiology and Disease 2nd Edition Colbert Ankney Lee Test Bank

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Anatomy Physiology and Disease 2nd Edition Colbert Ankney Lee Test Bank

ISBN-13: 978-0132865661

ISBN-10: 0132865661


Anatomy Physiology and Disease 2nd Edition Colbert Ankney Lee Test Bank

ISBN-13: 978-0132865661

ISBN-10: 0132865661



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  1. Gross anatomy is also known as ________.
  2. microscopic anatomy
  3. pathologic anatomy
  4. macroscopic anatomy
  5. diagnostic anatomy
  6. An example of gross anatomy would be ________.
  7. viewing an x-ray film
  8. using a microscope
  9. obtaining a mammogram
  10. determining the etiology of a disease
  11. The study of physiology includes the study of________.
  12. disease
  13. genetics
  14. structures
  15. functions
  16. RBC is the abbreviation for ________.
  17. really bad cut
  18. red and blue circulation
  19. red blood cells
  20. ruptured blood clot
  21. The study of disease is known as ________.
  22. neurology
  23. pathology
  24. microbiology
  25. cytology
  26. The three basic parts of a medical term include ________.
  27. prefix, word root, and suffix
  28. suffix, base, and meaning
  29. prefix, stem, and ending
  30. base, word root, and stem
  31. What system is known as the mathematical language of Anatomy and Physiology?
  32. Abbreviation system
  33. Metric system
  34. English system
  35. Customary system
  36. Which of the following is NOT a vital sign?
  37. Heart rate
  38. Temperature
  39. Cough
  40. Respiratory rate
  41. After the physician has assessed several signs and symptoms, he or she will be able to make an initial ________.
  42. prognosis
  43. etiology
  44. cytology
  45. diagnosis
  46. The chemical operations occurring within the body that are necessary for conversion of nutrients are known collectively as ________.
  47. homeostasis
  48. metabolism
  49. syndrome
  50. pathology
  51. The adjustments that maintain a stable environment within the body are known as ________.
  52. homeostasis
  53. metabolism
  54. syndrome
  55. pathology
  56. The phase of metabolism in which the breaking down of nutrients occurs is known as ________.
  57. cannibalism
  58. anabolism
  59. metabolism
  60. catabolism
  61. The body uses feedback loops to maintain homeostasis. The response that opposes an action is known as a(n) ________.
  62. depressing feedback loop
  63. negative feedback loop
  64. positive feedback loop
  65. affirmative feedback loop
  66. In which of the following situations is positive feedback necessary?
  67. Blood pressure
  68. Coughing
  69. Bleeding
  70. Childbirth
  71. The indicators that are essential for human life include all of the following EXCEPT ________.
  72. coloring
  73. heart rate
  74. respiration rate
  75. temperature
  76. Which is NOT a definition for disease?
  77. Not at ease
  78. A condition in which the body fails to function normally
  79. Normal structure and function
  80. Anything that upsets normal structure or function
  81. The term tachycardia means ________.
  82. fast heart rate
  83. slow heart rate
  84. rhythmic heart rate



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