Campbell Biology 8th Edition Reece Simon Taylor Test Bank

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Campbell Biology 8th Edition Reece Simon Taylor Test Bank

ISBN-13: 978-0321885326

ISBN-10: 0321885325



Campbell Biology 8th Edition Reece Simon Taylor Test Bank

ISBN-13: 978-0321885326

ISBN-10: 0321885325




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Just a small sample of the first chapter

Campbell Biology: Concepts and Connections, 8e (Reece et al.)
Chapter 1 Biology: Exploring Life

1.1 Multiple-Choice Questions

1) Which of the following statements about the properties of life is false? A) Organisms have the ability to take in energy and use it.
B) Organisms have the ability to respond to stimuli from the environment. C) Organisms have the ability to reproduce.
D) Organisms have an unchanging, constant internal environment
Answer: D Topic: 1.1
Skill: Knowledge/Comprehension
Learning Outcome: 1.2

2) Life is organized in a hierarchical fashion. Which of the following sequences correctly lists that hierarchy from least inclusive to most inclusive?
A) ecosystem, population, organ system, cell, community, molecule, organ, organism, organelle, tissue
B) cell, molecule, organ system, organ, organelle, population, tissue, organism, ecosystem, community
C) molecule, cell, organism, organ system, tissue, population, organ, organelle, community, ecosystem
D) molecule, organelle, cell, tissue, organ, organ system, organism, population, community, ecosystem
Answer: D Topic: 1.2
Skill: Application/Analysis
Learning Outcome: 1.3
Global LO: 2

3) What is the difference between a tissue and an organ system?
A) The tissue level of organization is more inclusive than the organ system level. B) Tissues are not composed of cells; organ systems are composed of cells.
C) A tissue cannot exist unless it is a component of an organ system, whereas an organ system can exist independently of tissues.
D) An organ system includes tissues. Answer: D
Topic: 1.2
Skill: Knowledge/Comprehension
Learning Outcome: 1.3



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