Community Health Nursing 7th Edition Rector Warner Allender Test Bank

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Community Health Nursing 7th Edition Rector Warner Allender Test Bank




Community Health Nursing 7th Edition Rector Warner Allender Test Bank





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Free Nursing Test Questions:

Chapter 3

1. A community health nurse has collected data for several months on the birthweights of newborns to mothers who smoked throughout their pregnancy. This nurse is acting in which role?
  A) Collaborator
  B) Manager
  C) Researcher
  D) Clinician



2. A nurse in a community health nursing setting works with police officersRemember,cial workers, health educators, and other nurses to promote the health of clients. The nurse is acting in which role?
  A) Clinician
  B) Educator
  C) Researcher
  D) Collaborator



3. A community health nurse is involved in education, screening, referral, and support for the individuals of a specific religious congregation. The nurse is practicing in which setting?
  A) Occupational health nursing
  B) Faith community nursing
  C) School nursing
  D) Residential institution nursing



4. A community health nurse is engaging in assurance activities. Which of the following would best explain these activities?
  A) Gathering and analyzing information that will affect the health of the people to be served
  B) Providing leadership in helping community groups to meet their needs, often involving changes in and additions to existing laws
  C) Being involved in activities to make certain that necessary services are being provided to the community
  D) Accessing relevant data that enable identification of strengths, weaknesses, and needs within the community



5. A community health nurse is interviewing for employment. The interviewer describes some of the typical activities that the nurse would be involved in, such as making home visits to families, holding immunization clinics for infants and children, and setting up flu-shot clinics for elders. The interviewer is describing which role?
  A) Educator
  B) Advocate
  C) Clinician
  D) Manager



6. When fulfilling the function of assessment, which of the following would be most important for the community health nurse to do?
  A) Secure the trust of clients
  B) Gather appropriate information
  C) Interact with key community leaders
  D) Use a variety of assessment tools



7. A community health nurse is reviewing his schedule for the day. Included in his activities are planning client care, leading a staff conference, and supervising a new staff member. This nurse is fulfilling which role?
  A) Advocate
  B) Manager
  C) Collaborator
  D) Researcher



8. The community health nurse is engaging in the core function of policy development. With which the activities would the nurse most likely be involved?
  A) Monitoring health status to identify community health problems
  B) Teaching communities about important health issues
  C) Linking individuals to needed personal health services
  D) Ensuring that a competent health care workforce is available



9. A community health nurse is assuming the role of a manager. Which function would be most important for the nurse to address first?
  A) Planning
  B) Organizing
  C) Leading
  D) Controlling



10. While providing care to a family at a local center, the community health nurse contacts the local department of social services to help the family obtain health insurance coverage. The nurse also gives the family a list of pharmacies where they can get their prescriptions filled. The nurse is acting in which role?
  A) Educator
  B) Leader
  C) Clinician
  D) Advocate



11. Which of the following differentiates the home setting for community health nursing from other settings?
  A) The nurse acts primarily as an educator.
  B) The client is viewed within his or her environment.
  C) Technologically advanced care is limited.
  D) The home is being used less frequently today.



12. After teaching a group of students about the various settings for community health nursing, the instructor determines that this teaching was successful when the students identify which of the following as an example of an ambulatory service setting?
  A) Preschool
  B) Halfway house
  C) Continuing care center
  D) Family planning clinic



13. A nursing student is interviewing a community health nurse about the various roles the nurse assumes and the skills and behaviors necessary to perform each role. Which of the following would the community health nurse identify as being essential to the role of an advocate? Select all that apply.
  A) Assertiveness
  B) Ability to plan
  C) Ability to negotiate
  D) Risk-taking
  E) Holistic view
  F) Questioning attitude



14. A community health nurse works in a busy community health nursing practice. Today the nurse is devoting the day to the educator role. With which of the following activities would the nurse be involved? Select all that apply.
  A) Planning seven home visits
  B) Working on a new curriculum for high-risk teens
  C) Meeting with colleagues to discuss organizational changes in the office
  D) Ordering pamphlets over the Internet to be used in a parenting class
  E) Tabulating data from surveys distributed to elders during a flu-shot clinic
  F) Going to social services to speak up for a family in her caseload



15. A community health nurse is collaborating with local community leaders to prepare a community disaster plan. Which function is the nurse fulfilling?
  A) Research
  B) Assurance
  C) Policy development
  D) Assessment



16. A community health nurse is devoting the day to being a manager. Which of the following activities are part of this role? Select all that apply.
  A) Orienting three new community health nurses in the agency
  B) Attending a strategy meeting for a new service the community will be offering
  C) Working with a team to direct a smoking cessation program
  D) Investigating an outbreak of salmonella in the community
  E) Tabulating the findings of a study exploring immunization practices among teens
  F) Reviewing staff evaluations to assist with planning future in-services



17. Which of the following best exemplifies the attributes of a community health nurse in the researcher role?
  A) Gaining the trust and respect of staff members
  B) Interpreting abstract ideas so others can understand
  C) Implementing a staff development program for a technique
  D) Evaluating the possible causes and effects of a situation



18. After teaching a group of students about the changing roles of the community health nurse in the occupational setting, the instructor determines that the students need additional teaching when they state which of the following?
  A) Occupational health nurses are increasing their role as employee advocates.
  B) Health education is a key function of the occupational health nurse.
  C) There is a greater emphasis on the occupational health nurse’s role as a clinician.
  D) Collaboration with other health care providers fosters the offering of better services.



19. A community health nurse is working as a lobbyist for health legislation for AIDS research at the state capitol. This nurse is practicing in which setting?
  A) Faith community
  B) Ambulatory service
  C) Residential institution
  D) Community at large



20. Of all the nursing roles assumed by community health nurses, which role must be assumed in every situation?
  A) Researcher
  B) Manager
  C) Leader
  D) Clinician




Answer Key


1. C
2. D
3. B
4. C
5. C
6. A
7. B
8. B
9. A
10. D
11. B
12. D
13. A, C, D
14. B, D
15. B
16. A, B, F
17. D
18. C
19. D
20. B




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