Fundamentals of Mental Health Nursing 3rd Edition Neeb Test Bank

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Fundamentals of Mental Health Nursing 3rd Edition Neeb Test Bank

ISBN-13: 978-0803614017

ISBN-10: 0803614012



Fundamentals of Mental Health Nursing 3rd Edition Neeb Test Bank

ISBN-13: 978-0803614017

ISBN-10: 0803614012




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Free Nursing Test Questions:


  1. Two weeks postoperatively, Mr. P is being discharged. You will have reason to believe Mr. P had a successful hospitalization if he states:
  2. A) “Thank you for your help. I learned a lot about medications.”
  3. B) “I can handle my drinking now, although it is not a problem.”
  4. C) “It will be good to go out with the boys again.”
  5. D) “Will the doctor refill my pain medications as often as I need them?”


  1. You are caring for a 35-year-old female who is recovering from a mild heart attack. She is understandably also experiencing stress and anxiety. An appropriate nursing intervention for her is:
  2. A) Administer albuterol to help her breathing
  3. B) Answer questions with short, simple answers
  4. C) Provide detailed answers to help alleviate her stress
  5. D) Allow no visitors until her medications take effect


  1. At what point in the nurse-patient relationship does the data collection piece of the nursing process begin?
  2. A) When the client is assimilated to the unit
  3. B) At the time of the client’s arrival to the unit
  4. C) When the RN asks for the assessment to be completed
  5. D) When the mental status exam is performed


  1. What is the role of the LPN/LVN in nursing process? (SELECT ALL ANSWERS THAT APPLY)
  2. A) Assist RN
  3. B) Collect data
  4. C) Write the nursing diagnosis independently
  5. D) Plan care and prioritize goals
  6. E) Interpret evaluation criteria
  7. F) Develop principles of teaching


  1. The charge nurse asks you to admit Mr. P. The flu is running rampant through the unit and you are very short staffed. The nurse then asks you to do the assessment and full nursing process for Mr. P. You are an LPN/LVN. Your response to the charge nurse is: (SELECT ALL ANSWERS THAT APPLY)
  2. A) “I am only an LPN/LVN. I am not allowed to ‘assess.’”
  3. B) “I would be happy to orient Mr. P and begin data collection.”
  4. C) “I will be happy to work with you or the RN on this patient’s nursing process.”
  5. D) “You know that is not in my scope of practice.”
  6. E) “How quickly do you need it done?”
  7. F) “May I have a nurse’s aide to assist me?”


  1. Mr. P begins calling out loudly in his room. He sees spiders and he has the sensation that the walls are closing in on him. The nurse practitioner orders an antipsychotic injection stat for Mr. P. Further data collection shows he has not been eating his meals and one of his buddies has been bringing alcohol to Mr. P in the evening. You suspect a severe drug interaction. Your communication to Mr. P includes: (SELECT ALL ANSWERS THAT APPLY)
  2. A) “Mr. P, it is dangerous to drink alcohol while taking these medications.”
  3. B) “Mr. P, who brought you the alcohol? That friend may not visit again.”
  4. C) “Mr. P, if you do that again, you will be transferred to the locked unit.”
  5. D) “Mr. P, for your safety and that of others in the unit, I will need to let the doctor know about this incident.”
  6. E) “Mr. P, if you had been eating your meals, you would not have had such a reaction to the alcohol.”
  7. F) “Mr. P, from now on, you may not have visitors unless a nurse is also present.”


  1. The nursing process includes: (SELECT ALL THAT APPLY)
  2. A) Assessment
  3. B) Planning
  4. C) Diagnosis
  5. D) Implementation
  6. E) Case management
  7. F) Evaluation



Answer Key


  1. A
  2. B
  3. B
  4. A, B
  5. B, C
  6. A, D
  7. A, B, C, D, F



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