Industrial and Organizational Psychology 6th Edition Spector Test Bank

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Industrial and Organizational Psychology 6th Edition Spector Test Bank

ISBN-13: 978-0470949764

ISBN-10: 0470949767



Industrial and Organizational Psychology 6th Edition Spector Test Bank

ISBN-13: 978-0470949764

ISBN-10: 0470949767



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Free Nursing Test Questions:





  1. The main advantage(s) of group testing is (are)


  1. a) standardization
  2. b) less complex examiner’s role
  3. c) efficiency

*          d)         all of the above


  1. The test best regarded as a machine-scorable analog of the Revised Wechsler Adult             Intelligence Scale (WAIS-R) is the


*          a)         Multidimensional Aptitude Battery (MAB)

  1. b) Scholastic Assessment Tests (SAT)
  2. c) Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-Machine (WAIS-M)
  3. d) Objective Aptitude Battery (OAB)


  1. The correlation between the Multidimensional Aptitude Battery and the Wechsler Adult             Intelligence Scale is


  1. a) extremely low
  2. b) considered moderate

*          c)         fairly high

  1. d) the two tests have not been correlated with each other


  1. The subtest of the Cognitive Abilities Test in which children must identify the picture             which does not belong in a specific series of pictures is called the


  1. a) Oral Vocabulary Test
  2. b) Relational Concept subtest

*          c)         Figure Classification subtest

  1. d) Quantitative Concepts subtest


  1. Levels A–H of the Cognitive Abilities Test is designed for children


  1. a) of preschool age
  2. b) in first grade
  3. c) in second and third grades

*          d)         in third to twelfth grades







  1. The Cognitive Abilities Test has shown reliability levels


*          a)         between .85 and .95

  1. b) in excess of 1.00
  2. c) between .75 and .85
  3. d) between .65 and .75


  1. That the Cognitive Abilities Tests have shown high correlations with other aptitude and             achievement tests provides evidence of


  1. a) concurrent validity
  2. b) test-retest reliability

*          c)         construct validity

  1. d) predictive validity


  1. The test(s) used to help make decisions for admissions and placement for prospective             college students is(are) the


  1. a) Stanford Achievement Tests
  2. b) Graduate Record Examination
  3. c) College Admissions Test

*          d)         Scholastic Assessment Tests


  1. An individual who scores 600 on the Verbal test of the Scholastic Assessment Test I

(SAT I) and 425 on the Mathematical test of the SAT I is


  1. a) more proficient in verbal ability than in mathematical ability

*          b)         better than average on the verbal test when compared to the norm group

  1. c) more suited for an English curriculum in college
  2. d) deficient in mental ability because of the difference in the two scores


  1. A new score scale for the SAT was adopted in 1995 based on a more recent

normative sample because


  1. a) the test content was seriously outdated

*          b)         changes in the population made the old norms less relevant

  1. c) it was no longer financially feasible to reference the 1941 norms
  2. d) of the need to make the test easier for modern test takers









  1. The main advantage of a test like the SAT is that


*          a)         it makes it easier to compare people from different schools or backgrounds

  1. b) it is the only basis for making valid decisions about academic admissions
  2. c) combining SAT scores with high school transcript information doubles the

validity of admissions decisions

  1. d) all of the above


  1. A useful and popular alternative to the Scholastic Assessment Tests is the


  1. a) Graduate Record Examination
  2. b) College Admission Test

*          c)         American College Testing Program

  1. d) Wechsler Scale for College Admissions


  1. The General Test and Subject Tests are parts of the


  1. a) Scholastic Assessment Tests
  2. b) American College Testing Program
  3. c) Graduate Testing Service

*          d)         Graduate Record Examination


  1. The Scholastic Assessment Tests and the Graduate Record Examination are


  1. a) accurate predictors of academic success
  2. b) highly reliable
  3. c) extensively researched

*          d)         all of the above


  1. Attempting to measure several distinct abilities, rather than a more general ability, is a             feature of the


  1. a) SAT II subject tests
  2. b) Graduate Record Examination subject test

*          c)         Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery

  1. d) American College Testing Program


  1. Evaluations of the adequacy of the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery as a             measure of multiple abilities have been


  1. a) highly favorable
  2. b) generally positive

*          c)         not very favorable

  1. d) inadequately done


  1. The General Aptitude Test Battery (GATB)


  1. a) includes both verbal and performance tasks
  2. b) is somewhat laborious and complex to administer
  3. c) is not valid for many jobs in which it is used

*          d)         both a and b


  1. The use of alternatives to multiple-choice questions on achievement tests will most likely


  1. a) contribute to the expense and difficulty of testing
  2. b) lead to decreased levels of reliability
  3. c) lead to increased levels of reliability

*          d)         both a and b


  1. The “cognitive revolution” in psychology has impacted ability testing by


  1. a) increasing the focus of test content to cover the three components of “mental                                 ability”
  2. b) developing tests to measure multiple types of intelligence
  3. c) increasing use of ability tests to identify individuals most likely to quickly acquire                        knowledge and understanding of the task

*          d)         none of the above