Leading and Managing in Nursing 4th Edition Yoder-Wise Test Bank

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Leading and Managing in Nursing 4th Edition Yoder-Wise Test Bank

ISBN-13: 978-0323039000

ISBN-10: 0323039006


Leading and Managing in Nursing 4th Edition Yoder-Wise Test Bank

ISBN-13: 978-0323039000

ISBN-10: 0323039006



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Yoder-Wise: Leading and Managing in Nursing, 4th Edition


Test Bank


Chapter 09: Power, Politics, and Influence




  1. A nurse manager is experiencing poor staff morale on her unit. While participating in a baccalaureate course, the nurse manager had learned that one of the reasons nurses lack power today is probably because of the past. In the early decades of the profession , nurses lacked power because:
a. Nurses freely chose to defer to physicians and administrators with more education.
b. Women lacked legalRemember,cial, and political power because of legal and cultural barriers.
c. The first nursing licensure laws prohibited nurses from making most decisions.
d. Nurses astutely recognized the risks of grabbing too much power too soon.



Nurse managers should recognize their own methods of decision-making and the roles played by beliefs, values, and inferences. (Leadership Competency, AONE)



  1. Nurses who engage in in-fighting, seek physician support against nursing colleagues, and avoid membership in nursing organizations:
a. Refuse to believe that they are acting like members of groups that suffer socioeconomic oppression.
b. Do not understand how their failure to exercise power can limit the power of the whole profession.
c. Purposefully choose to exercise their power in the workplace through indirect means.
d. Suffer from learned helplessness as a result of abuse by powerful nurse executives.



Nurse leaders must answer for the results of their own behaviors and actions. (Professionalism Competency, AONE)



  1. A nurse belongs to several professional organizations, serving on a state-level committee of one group and on two task forces at work. The nurse is committed to a range of health issues.  This nurse exemplifies which level of political activism in nursing?
a. Gladiator.
b. Buy-in.
c. Self-interest.
d. Political sophistication.




A nurse leader should participate in at least one professional organization. (Professionalism Competency, AONE)



  1. A manager relies on his director (immediate supervisor) for advice about enrolling in graduate school to prepare for a career as a nurse executive. The director may exercise what kinds of power in the relationship with the manager in this advisory situation?
a. Expert, coercive, and referent.
b. Reward, connection, and information.
c. Referent, expert, and information.
d. Reward, referent, and information.



A nurse leader should provide mentorship and career counseling to aspiring clinicians and leaders so they may develop required skill sets (succession planning). (Business Skills Competency, AONE)



  1. A nurse manager must implement a 2% budget cut on the nursing unit. Which approach should the manager use to most effectively empower the staff of the unit?
a. Discuss the guidelines for the budget cuts with the staff, making the decisions with those who participate.
b. Inform the staff of the budget cuts in a series of small group meetings and accept their ideas in writing only.
c. Provide the staff with handouts about the budget cuts and let them make recommendations in writing.
d. Hold a series of mandatory meetings on the budget cuts, asking staff for ideas on the cuts.



A nurse manager should engage staff and others in decision-making. (Communication and Relationship-Building Competency, AONE)



  1. During orientation of new nurse managers, the chief nursing officer stresses strategies that help nurse managers to achieve a powerful image.  Which groups of behaviors best contribute to a powerful image for the nurse manager?
a. Greeting patients, families, and colleagues with a handshake and a smile; listening carefully when problems arise.
b. For men, no facial hair, always wear a suit and tie; for women, always wear a suit and high- heeled shoes.
c. Maintaining a soft voice during times of conflict; making unbroken eye contact during interactions.
d. Smile all the time; always wear a suit and carry a briefcase; women should wear no jewelry.



A nurse leader should serve as an agent of change, assisting others in understanding the importance, necessity, impact, and process of change. (Leadership Competency, AONE)



  1. Two nurses approach their manager about a conflict regarding the next month’s schedule. The nurses are talking loudly and at the same time. The manager most effectively uses communication skills to resolve the conflict by:
a. Taking both nurses aside, separately and then together, and charging them with resolving the problem without her direct intervention.
b. Listening to each nurse speak without interruption from the other and asking clarifying questions to help them resolve the issue themselves.
c. Separating the nurses, instructing each to decide how the problem can be resolved, and meeting with them the next day.
d. Calling an emergency scheduling committee meeting and asking volunteers to resolve the conflict between the two nurses.



A nurse leader should address all ideas, beliefs, and viewpoints, and they should be given serious consideration. (Leadership Competency, AONE)



  1. A nurse manager recognizes the need to expand her professional network as she begins a job search for a middle-management position. Which of the following actions is least likely to expand her job-searching network?
a. Reviewing her address book or card file for names and phone numbers of former colleagues who are now in middle-management positions.
b. Making an appointment to meet with a former instructor from her graduate program in nursing administration.
c. Making a long overdue return call to a former colleague who is now a chief nurse executive.
d. Attending a state-level conference for nurse managers and executives and attending informal luncheons and receptions.



A nurse leader should assess his or her personal, professional, and career goals and undertake career planning. (Leadership Competency, AONE)



  1. A staff nurse asks the nurse manager for a few days off for personal reasons. The nurse manager turns in the request to the human resources office with a note indicating the staff nurse has demonstrated excellent working skills and is a valuable employee. The nurse manager has used the influence of her position to help this staff member. Influence is the process of:
a. Using power.
b. Empowering others.
c. Understanding power.
d. Moving past apathy.



A nurse manager should care about people as individuals and demonstrate empathy and concern while ensuring that organizational goals and objectives are met. (Communication and Relationship-Building Competency, AONE)



  1. A nurse is participating in a baccalaureate course. For the class, she has to attend the legislative session regarding the new role of medication assistants. Nurses should be involved in shaping public policy primarily because:
a. Involvement will enable nurses to take over the healthcare system at some point in the future.
b. Other healthcare professions are less concerned about the essential needs of clients.
c. Such activities are important career builders for nurses who seek top-level executive positions.
d. They are closest to the front line of health care and see how it affects clients and families.



A nurse leader should participate in the legislative process concerning health care through membership in professional organizations and through  personal contact with public officials. (Knowledge of the Healthcare Environment Competency, AONE)


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