Learning and Memory 4th Edition Terry Test Bank

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Learning and Memory 4th Edition Terry Test Bank

ISBN-13: 978-0205658626

ISBN-10: 0205658628



Learning and Memory 4th Edition Terry Test Bank

ISBN-13: 978-0205658626

ISBN-10: 0205658628




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Chapter 1:




A. Many facts and principles about learning and memory processes have been developed since the formal start of psychology in 1879.

B. These facts and principles have been developed at the same time that everyday individuals have accumulated “common-sense” based notions about the nature of learning and memory.

C. This book will attempt to merge the “common-sense” notions with the science of learning and memory. Some examples:

1. Spaced vs. Massed practice

2. Forgetting and Hypermnesia

3. Feedback and Performance

4. Do subliminal learning tapes actually work? II. THE ORIGINS OF THE STUDY OF LEARNING
A. The philosophical movements of Empiricism and Rationalism in the 1600s-1700s, and the start of Evolutionary theory in the 1800s fostered a scientific interest in learning.

B. The field of Epistemology, in general, studies how knowledge is acquired.

1. Is learning due to nature (biological forces) or nurture (experienced-based elements)?

2. Descartes argued that some sources of knowledge can be innate, put into us by God.

3. John Locke and the Empiricists argued that all knowledge is derived from experience.



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