Maternity Newborn and Womens Health Orshan Test Bank

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Maternity Newborn and Womens Health Orshan Test Bank


ISBN 10: 0781742544 / ISBN 13: 9780781742542


Maternity Newborn and Womens Health Orshan Test Bank


ISBN 10: 0781742544 / ISBN 13: 9780781742542



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Chapter 9

1. Which of the following instructions should a nurse give to a client after a vacuum aspiration?
  A) Use tampons while active bleeding is present after the procedure.
  B) Avoid sexual activity for at least 2 days after the procedure.
  C) Immediately call the physician if menses do not resume in 2 weeks.
  D) Make a return visit to confirm successful termination of pregnancy.
  Ans: D



2. Which of the following methods of abortion would the nurse expect to be used for a woman in the first trimester of pregnancy?
  A) Vacuum aspiration
  B) Infusion of hypertonic solution
  C) Dilatation and evacuation
  D) Insertion of prostaglandins
  Ans: A



3. Which of the following instructions would the nurse include in the teaching plan for a client who is to undergo a vacuum aspiration?
  A) Visit the clinic a day before the procedure for insertion of laminaria tents.
  B) Avoid urinating for at least 2 hours after the insertion of prostaglandin gel.
  C) Douche or clean the vaginal area thoroughly before arriving for the procedure.
  D) Avoid wearing tampons after the insertion of laminaria tents.
  Ans: A



4. A client is considering methotrexate and misoprostol as a means of terminating her pregnancy. Which of the following items would the nurse include when discussing this type of pregnancy termination?
  A) Methotrexate and misoprostol are used mainly for second-trimester pregnancies.
  B) Acetaminophen is contraindicated during the methotrexate and misoprostol procedure.
  C) The treatment regimen consists of a single visit to the clinic and drug therapy at home.
  D) A surgical abortion may be required if the procedure is not successful.
  Ans: D



5. The nurse is providing discharge teaching to a client who has had a vacuum aspiration procedure. Which of the following instructions would the nurse include in the discharge teaching plan?
  A) Inform the physician immediately if your menses fails to restart in 4 weeks.
  B) Avoid sexual activity until at least a month after the procedure.
  C) Use tampons if bleeding after the procedure is excessive.
  D) Contact the physician immediately if excessive cramping occurs.
  Ans: D



6. Methotrexate has been administered to a client as part of the methotrexate and misoprostol procedure for terminating pregnancy. The client is required to administer the misoprostol herself. Which of the following instructions should the nurse give to the client about using the pill form of misoprostol?
  A) Take aspirin for any discomfort you have during the treatment.
  B) Use a tampon to hold the pills in the vagina for 12 hours.
  C) Keep the tampon in place until the next visit to the clinic.
  D) Visit the clinic 2 weeks after administration of misoprostol.
  Ans: B



7. A client is considering the mifepristone and misoprostol procedure for terminating a pregnancy. Which of the following items of information should be given to the client?
  A) There are no side effects, such as bleeding or cramping.
  B) Codeine is contraindicated during this therapy.
  C) A minimum of three visits to the clinician is usually needed.
  D) Blood loss is typically less than 50 mL.
  Ans: C



8. As part of the methotrexate and misoprostol procedure, a client is required to self-administer misoprostol in suppository form in an outpatient setting. Which instructions should be given to the client about the administration of misoprostol?
  A) Avoid consuming tea, coffee, and carbonated beverages.
  B) Insert 800 micrograms of misoprostol into the vagina.
  C) Administer misoprostol 2 days after receiving the methotrexate injection.
  D) Take diflunisal for any discomfort after you have administered the misoprostol.
  Ans: B



9. Which of the following items of information should a nurse provide to a client who is considering abortion involving an infusion of a hypertonic solution?
  A) The procedure is generally used for first-trimester pregnancies.
  B) The procedure is less expensive than a surgical procedure.
  C) Amniocentesis is used to infuse hypertonic solutions.
  D) Prostaglandins are inserted vaginally after amniocentesis.
  Ans: C



10. A college-age client who became pregnant unexpectedly is deciding whether or not to terminate a pregnancy. She asks the nurse, “What would you do if you were facing this decision?” Which response by the nurse would be most appropriate?
  A) “You have your whole life ahead of you. Ending this pregnancy shouldn’t be a problem.”
  B) “What I’d do is not really important. What is important is that you have the information you need to make the decision.”
  C) “What’s right for me probably wouldn’t be what’s right for you. It’s against my religion to have an abortion.”
  D) “It’s really none of your business what I would do. The choice is yours, not mine.”
  Ans: B




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