QuickBooks 2015 A Complete Course 16th Edition Horne Test Bank

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QuickBooks 2015 A Complete Course 16th Edition Horne Test Bank

ISBN-13: 978-0134325903

ISBN-10: 0134325907


QuickBooks 2015 A Complete Course 16th Edition Horne Test Bank

ISBN-13: 978-0134325903

ISBN-10: 0134325907



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Free Nursing Test Questions:











Enter the following transactions and print when possible (Continue to use your Golf.qbw file to complete the exam):



  • Add a new sales item for Golf Socks: Type: Inventory Part; Item Name: Socks; Description: Golf Socks; Accounts: 5000, 4020, and 1120; Preferred Vendor: Golf Clothes, Inc.; Tax Code: Tax; Re-order Point (Min): 10; Max: 20; On Hand: 5; Total Value: 15.00 as of 02/01/15.
  • Received a telephone order for a new putter (an iron) from Azar Hammar for $149.95.
  • Change the payment terms for Dr. Joan Miller to 1% 10 Net 30. Use your customized invoice and prepare it for her purchase of a women’s jacket, $99.50, women’s pants, $79.95, and two women’s shirts, $49.95 each.
  • Prepare a Purchase Order for golf socks. Use the preferred vendor. The cost is $3.00 each. When the order is received, there should be 10 more items on hand than the re-order point. Print the Purchase Order.



  • Azar Hammar picked up the putter he ordered by telephone on February 1, 2015. (Use the original sales order date as the invoice date.)
  • Received the entire order of golf socks and the bill dated 02/03/15.
  • Sold 2 pair of golf socks to a cash customer at $7.50 per pair. Customer paid with her Visa Card Number 4684 6270 6204 852, Expiration 09/18.



  • Returned 1 pair of golf socks to Golf Clothes, Inc. for credit. (Note: If the information for the last credit memo for Golf Clothes, Inc. appears, remove it by entering the new information.)
  • Joan Miller returned one of the shirts she purchased on February 1. Issue a Credit Memo and apply to Invoice 15. (Did you use your message for returns?)
  • Azar Hammar used Debit Card 7345 9654 0687 624, Expiration 01/19, for payment in full for the putter. (If the transaction is eligible for a discount, include it.)


  • Pay the bill to Golf Clothes, Inc. for the golf socks. (Apply any credits available; and, if eligible, calculate any discounts after applying any credits.) Print the check.
  • Received Check 234 for $795.27 from Dr. Joan Miller as payment in full for her beginning balance and for Invoice 15. (Calculate any eligible discount for Invoice 15 after subtracting the credit. Remember, beginning balances do not qualify for a discount.)
  • Deposit all receipts and print the Deposit Summary.


  • Print the following reports:
    • Trial Balance for 02/01/15 through 2/10/2015.
    • Profit & Loss (Standard) for 02/01/2015 through 02/10/2015.
    • Balance Sheet (Standard) as of 02/10/2015.
    • Unpaid Bills Detail Report for 02/10/2015.
    • Customer Balance Detail for Dates: All.
    • Journal 02/01/2015 through 02/10/2015



Practice Set and Exam Questions:


If necessary, refer to your printouts for Your Name’s Golf Shop World and Practice Set to answer the following questions in the space provided:


  1. Deposit Summary Total for 1/14/2015


  1. Number of sets of clubs on hand on 1/20/2015


  1. Total of the Unpaid Bills Detail Report for 1/26/2015


  1. Total owed to Golf & Tennis Supplies & Equipment on 1/26/2015


  1. Total of the Unpaid Bills Detail Report, 02/10/2015


  1. Total Net Income for February 1-10, 2015


  1. Total Assets as of 2/10/2015


  1. Total Equity as of 2/10/2015


  1. Total of Customer Balance Detail Report


  1. Total of the Journal for February 1-10, 2015             




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