Rang and Dale Pharmacology 7th Edition Ritter Flower Henderson Rang Test Bank

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Rang and Dale Pharmacology 7th Edition Ritter Flower Henderson Rang Test Bank

ISBN: 9780702062193



Rang and Dale Pharmacology 7th Edition Ritter Flower Henderson Rang Test Bank

ISBN: 9780702062193




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Rang: Rang & Dale’s Pharmacology, 7th Edition


Test Bank


Chapter 55:  Anticancer drugs




  1. A cytoplasmic kinase (Bcr/Abl) involved in the pathogenesis of chronic myeloid leukemia is inhibited by


  1. crisantaspase
  2. anastrozole
  3. imatinib
  4. rituximab
  5. aldesleukin


Answer c: imatinib


  1. Cumulative dose-related cardiac toxicity typically results from administration of


  1. doxorubicin
  2. bleomycin
  3. vincristine
  4. imatinib
  5. irinotecan


Answer a: doxorubicin


  1. Goserelin is used in treating advanced prostate cancer because of its ability to


  1. increase gonadotrophin secretion
  2. reduce gonadotrophin secretion
  3. block testosterone receptors
  4. activate estrogen receptors
  5. inhibit estrogen synthesis


Answer b: reduce gonadotrophin secretion


  1. Vincristine inhibits mitosis of cancer cells at metaphase by


  1. inhibiting telomerase
  2. increasing tubulin degradation
  3. inhibiting synthesis of tubulin
  4. inhibiting polymerization of tubulin
  5. stabilizing microtubules


Answer d: inhibiting polymerization of tubulin


  1. Cytarabine is converted to an active triphosphate metabolite that inhibits


  1. DNA polymerase
  2. adenine deaminase
  3. dihydrofolate reductase
  4. telomerase
  5. thymidylate synthetase


Answer a: DNA polymerase


  1. Folinic acid can be administered to counteract the toxic effects of


  1. fludarabine
  2. gemcitabine
  3. cytarabine
  4. fluorouracil
  5. methotrexate


Answer e: methotrexate


  1. Reactive carbonium ions that attack guanine bases of DNA and lead to crosslinking of DNA strands are formed in the body from drugs such as


  1. cisplatin
  2. bleomycin
  3. doxorubicin
  4. etoposide
  5. cyclophosphamide


Answer e: cyclophosphamide


  1. Which anticancer drug is most effective in the G2 phase of the cell cycle?


  1. paclitaxel
  2. methotrexate
  3. bleomycin
  4. irinotecan
  5. cytarabine


Answer c: bleomycin


  1. Thymidylate synthetase is inhibited by the active metabolite of


  1. pentostatin
  2. fluorouracil
  3. doxorubicin
  4. gemcitabine
  5. fludarabine


Answer b: fluorouracil


  1. Anastrozole is used in treating advanced breast cancer because of its ability to


  1. inactivate tumor growth factors
  2. block estrogen receptors
  3. inhibit aromatase
  4. decrease gonadotropin secretion
  5. cross-link strands of DNA


Answer c: inhibit aromatase


  1.  Sulfhydryl donors such as mesna are useful in reducing ifosfamide-induced


  1. bone marrow depression
  2. nausea and vomiting
  3. cardiac toxicity
  4. hemorrhagic cystitis
  5. gastrointestinal ulceration


Answer d: hemorrhagic cystitis


  1. Trastuzumab is useful in treating breast cancer because of its ability to bind


  1. telomerase
  2. human epidermal growth factor receptor 2
  3. DNA transcription factors
  4. insulin-like growth factor
  5. calcium channel forming proteins


Answer b: human epidermal growth factor receptor 2



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