Understanding Human Development 3rd Edition Craig Dunn Test Bank

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Understanding Human Development 3rd Edition Craig Dunn Test Bank

ISBN-13: 978-0205233878

ISBN-10: 0205233872



Understanding Human Development 3rd Edition Craig Dunn Test Bank

ISBN-13: 978-0205233878

ISBN-10: 0205233872




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Free Nursing Test Questions:

This is just a small sample of chapter 1

Chapter 1 – Understanding Human Development – Quick Quiz 1

Factual questions:

1. A “discrete period of the lifespan during which predictable changes occur” is referred to as a:
a. developmental stage b. transitional phase
c. developmental epoch d. critical period

2. Which of the following statements is true regarding the corporal punishment of children?
a. About 80% of parents spank their children at least occasionally.
b. The use of corporal punishment has been banned in all public schools in the U.S., although private schools are allowed to determine their own rules for punishment
c. Except for the U.S., no other industrialized countries have banned corporal punishment in the public schools.
d. All of the three statements provided as answers in this question are true.

3. According to Freud, the part of the human mind that is concerned with following the rules of society and that may experience feelings of guilt when one violates social norms is called the:
a. id
b. ego
c. superego d. libido

Conceptual questions:

4. Which of the following statements comes closest to describing the principle central to Darwin’s idea of natural selection?
a. Individuals within a species vary, and those with the best adapted characteristics survive to reproduce, thereby passing their genes to future generations.
b. Nature selects the particular individuals that have the best characteristics and these individuals are
allowed to interbreed with each other, thereby creating the strongest offspring.
c. People prefer to mate with the most attractive members of the opposite sex, selecting their mates according to natural factors related to physical attractiveness.
d. Humans evolved from the apes.

5. Lev Vygotsky’s views on human development can be best categorized as belonging to which of the following theoretical perspectives?
a. biological
b. evolutionary
c. psychodynamic d. social-cognitive

6. The sequential-cohort design combines the longitudinal and cross-sectional designs by:
a. testing several age groups at several different times b. testing a single individual in a number of situations
c. matching people of different ages or cohorts on a number of relevant factors d. testing a different cohort each year of the sequence

Applied questions:

7. Which of the following is the best example of what is meant by the term maturation?
a. a first-grader who is learning to do arithmetic problems



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